GR CH CH Honorbright Dunn's Marsh Song and Dance RA SH TKN FDC DN RATCHX C8G AWC


Sonlight’s Minor Hastle Major Blessing, BCAT, aka Hastle

Sonlight's For your Eyes Only - "BOND"

DOB September 10th 2020

Good Hips - Normal Elbows - Eyes Normal -

Yellow & carries Black and Chocolate

Clear by Parentage

D-Locus - EIC - CNM - DM - HNPK - PRA



C.R. Labradors LLC

Stud contract



This contract is for the stud services between C.R. Labradors LLC and Bitch owner's


Bitch owner shall refer to the owner of the Bitch being bred.

C.R. Labs shall provide semen of good quality to have a reasonable chance of producing a litter of puppies when used in breeding dogs properly inseminated with accurate timing of ovulation determined by progesterone tests.


We do not do “Natural Breeding” ONLY “Side by Side” breeding or shipped Chilled Semen.


The bitch owner certifies that:


  1. The bitch is in good health and free from brucellosis infection. That she is current on all vaccinations including but not limited to Rabies.
  2. The bitch is free from the Dilute gene and that they do not and will not sell nor produce, silver, champagne, nor any other color Labrador not officially recognized by the AKC and or UKC
  3. That the bitch owner does not sell to retail outlets like pet stores.
  4.  ALL puppies are to be sold on a Spay/Neuter Contract with AKC Limited Registration, unless they are kept/owned or co-owned by bitch owner or are sold to a mutually approved (Stud owner & Bitch owner both must approve) Show/Breeding home.
  5. That the bitch has been Penn Hip or OFA tested for hips and elbows, and has been evaluated at fair of better for hips, and normal for elbow, clear ACVO and DNA tested or cleared by Parentage for DDC.  A copy of all testing is required to be received by C.R. Labs prior to Breeding or Shipment of semen.
  6. Other testing preferred, but not required Prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC, HNPK. Bitch can be a carrier but not be effected.
  7. That the bitch owner shall pay all shipping costs. We shall not be responsible for any delays or damage from the shipping company.

C.R. Labs will:

  1. Collect the semen and evaluate it for fitness for use in producing puppies.
  2. Inseminate the bitch in side by side breeding unless the owner chooses to do the breeding themselves.
  3. Shall prepare the semen for shipping using extender and use appropriate chilled containers for shipping of semen. If a side by side breeding is not selected, Bitch owner is responsible for the cost of the shipping and shipping containers.
  4. Guarantee the production of a litter from properly inseminated bitches. A litter shall be two or more live puppies born to the bitch.
  5. In the event no litter is produced the bitch owner shall be entitled to a second breeding at no additional charge other than the cost for extender, containers, and for the shipping costs. This shall be the only liability of C.R. Labs for anything resulting or not resulting from this breeding.


The stud fee shall be $900.00 or $800.00 if paid at time of breeding or before shipping semen.


A $300.00 service fee is due prior to a side by side. If shipping the semen, an additional fee of $100.00 to cover extender and shipping container is due for a total of $400.00 and Bitch owner will supply a FedEx number for shipping cost. If shipping box is returned a $50.00 credit will be given. When the litter is born the remaining $600.00 is due within seven days of the date of the birth.  If no litter is born there will be rights to a second breeding, to the same bitch and no additional money is due unless shipping semen. Bitch owner will be responsible for an additional fee of $100.00 to cover extender and shipping container. Bitch owner will again supply a FedEx number for shipping cost. If shipping box is returned a $50.00 credit will be given. When the litter is born the remaining $700.00 is due within seven days of the date of the birth.


All shipping and packaging costs are in addition to the stud fee. Stud fees and service fees are non-refundable.


Stud used: Sonlight’s For Your Eyes Only – Reg. # SS21466201 Chip# 605273325


Bitch being bred:  ___________________________________________________


Reg. # __________________ Chip#__________    Date of breeding: __________


Bitch owner:   Name _________________________________________________


                                  Address __________________________________________


                                  City____________________ state______ zip code________


  E-mail ___________________________________________


                                  Cell Phone _________________ 2nd#___________________




 Bitch Owner Signature      _____________________________________________



Stud Owner signature       ___________________________


We would like to thank Sue and Garry Seehawer  for letting us add this beautiful boy to our family